During the spring and summer months ants and termites begin swarming searching for a location to build a new colony. It is difficult to spot the difference between the insects, but with some closer inspection you should be able to identify what you may have found in your home!



One way to determine the difference is by looking at the antennae. Ants typically have bent or arched antennae and termites typically have straight antennae. Another way to spot the difference is the size of the wings. Each insect has two sets of wings – totaling four individual wing.




The ant will appear to have one set that is longer then the other and the termite will appear to have four wings that are all the same size. Maybe the easiest way to identify the insect is by studying the body shape. The ant has three distinct body parts, (head, thorax, and abdomen) – the termite appears to have one long body shape.




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