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~100% Organic Botanical Treatments~

General Pest Management

Trusted and professional pest control that is safe around children and pets. We treat all types of homes and apartments for ants, bees, roaches, termites and more!

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Quaterly Services

Local businesses trust Harmony Pest Management for continuous maintenance and facility inspections.

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New Service!

Harmony is adding Mosquito services for Spring 2020. Schedule your treatments today!

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Pest Management for Children

  Stuck at home during quarantine over the summer? Kids seeing more bugs than usual? The National Pest Management¬†Association has created a unique learning opportunity for children to explore entomology, bugs, and the pest management profession through an eBook titled, The Pest Detectives.         This clever story is about Millie, a young […]

Organic VS Synthetic – What should I use?

Organic or Synthetic Pesticide? What are the differences? These days we are staying in our homes more than ever. Spending so much time at homes provides us the opportunity to observe more pest activity inside and outside our properties. Don’t be alarmed if you begin seeing more occasional insects than usual and of-course keep an […]

Mosquito Treatment

Our treatment plan for mosquito and tick control deploys a 100% organic botanical mist that eliminates pests in the target area while also repelling insects. Harmony will spray yards up to 3/4’s of an acre twice a month during the mosquito season. We also use a granular ground treatment design to keep ticks and other […]

Periodical Cicadas

  Virginians will soon see millions of Periodical Cicadas emerge from the soil. These flying insects are quite large, have red eyes, and create a distinct buzzing noise that is used to attract reproductive mates during the 4-6 weeks they are alive above soil. While Brood IX is not predicted to emerge near Richmond, we […]

Harmony 1 – Termite Hunter

    Introducing Harmony 1 – Termite Hunter Do you have a hard to reach crawl space? Worried about termites? Harmony Pest Management has the tools to help! Harmony 1 is able to travel through hard to reach crawl spaces, narrow passages, and other areas unaccessible to homeowners and our pest management professionals. This inspection […]

Covid-19 | Pest Services Continue

In response to the unprecedented situation surrounding¬†Covid-19, Harmony Pest Management will be implementing new policies and procedures to protect our clients and employees in the following weeks and months. These¬†new procedures are designed to help stop the spread of Covid-19 by respecting social distancing. While these are uncertain times, you can count on Harmony to […]