Here are some tips on what you can do to prevent pests from coming in your home!

  1. Keep your outdoor foliage trimmed and maintained 8-12 inches from the home. Be sure no shrubs, branches, or bushes over hang or touch the home. Clean gutters and do not overwater plants. Watch out for areas where you may have standing water such as children toys, bird baths, and empty flower pots. Remove leaves from window wells and gutters. Be sure old cardboard boxes are disposed of properly and not stacked inside or outside near the home. Store firewood away from the home above ground and covered.
  2. Thoroughly inspect the outside of your home. Look for torn window screens, cracks or holes in siding or foundation. Inspect the exterior utility area where power, cable, plumbing, or other utilities are enter your home. Be sure all pipes/conduits entering the structure are sealed properly. Look closely at doors and windows to be sure they are fitting tightly in their frames.
  3. Vacuum once a week for each person and pet living in the home. This means a family of four should strive to vacuum four times a week. Or, a family of four with a pet dog should strive to vacuum five times a week. Focus vacuuming in areas where food crumbs could accumulate. Be sure to thoroughly clean kitchen and bathroom areas to remove debris and food particles. Do not leave pet food out and store all pet food in sealed plastic containers.

Quarterly Pest Management Program

Of course practicing the tips and suggestions above will help keep pests from entering your home. But to protect your home from insect invaders Harmony recommends a regular pest treatment program. Our Quarterly Treatment program includes de-webbing the exterior, treating the exterior foundation, perimeter soil, interior baseboards, windows, bathrooms, and kitchens. Our quarterly program also includes rodent control for mice and rats and additional treatments for problems that may arise between quarterly treatments.

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