~Mosquito and Tick Treatments | Spring 2021~

Our treatment plan for mosquito and tick control deploys a 100% organic botanical mist that eliminates pests in the target area while also repelling insects within four hours of application. To learn more about the product we use click here – Stop the Bites



Harmony will treat areas up to 1/2 of an acre every 21 days during the mosquito season. We also use a granular ground treatment designed to keep ticks and other non-flying insects at bay twice per season. The backpack spray treatment is effective for 21 days.

These treatments are safe for pets and families and can be especially effective at limiting mosquito populations in areas where pets roam. In addition to pets, Harmony exercises safe application practices to avoid causing harm to bees or other pollinating insects.

Stop The Bites®! is an effective repellent product that also yields great results in eliminating mosquitos and ticks. Using this product Harmony can disrupt reproductive cycles and help to manage mosquito populations. The treatments do not pose harm to vegetation by using ingredients such as lemongrass, geraniol, cedar wood, and castor oil that do not accumulate on plants.





~Watch the video below to see Harmony in action!~

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