Bed bugs are sneaky hitch hikers. You can bring them into your home from many places including a hotel room, movie theater, airplane, or someone else’s house. They colonize in areas wherever people rest for periods of time. Typical hiding places for bed bugs are cracks and crevices or seams in mattresses, bedframes, furniture (including sofas), but they can also hide in suitcases, purses and backpacks. When traveling, carefully inspect your room and bed with a flashlight and look for the following: live bed bugs, eggs, small dark stains from bed bug feces. When returning home from a trip, wash all clothing as soon as possible and dry them in a hot dryer as well as inspect your suitcase.

When a bed bug bites, it typically feeds for 8-10 minutes and then it returns to its hiding place until it is ready to feed again. Typically they bite several times in the same area, and the bites become very itchy for people who are allergic.



Treating For Bed Bugs

Macro photo of a bed bug

Treating for bed bugs usually includes multiple visits and requires homeowner preparation before we can treat. Therefore, the first visit is to provide you with an estimate and review the preparations that need to be completed before treatment can take place (for example removing bedding, taking down curtains, washing clothes in hot water then drying in hot dryer). Once the preparations have been made Harmony Pest Management will perform a chemical treatment combination of water based spray and powder containing pesticide sprayed into cracks and crevices. Harmony recommends 2-3 chemical treatments within 30 days to completely eradicate the bed bugs.