Bed Bugs – Unwanted Hitchhikers

It is the time of year when we enjoy the holidays and spend time with family and friends! Some of us are traveling by car, plane, train, or may be getting picked up at college by a friend or parent. Bed Bugs are most often spread by traveling and can catch a ride on luggage or clothing. The National Pest Management Association found that 97% of pest management professionals treated for Bed Bugs in 2018 and 68% of those treatments occurred at hotels.



Bed bugs can be found almost anywhere from summer day camps to the best hotels in Las Vegas. Most people bring these pests home after traveling without knowing it until it becomes an infestation.

in 2018 43% of Bed Bug treatments were in single family homes and 39% were in apartments or multi-family housing units. And to make matters more worrisome, the Southern Region of the US accounts for more than 42% of all Bed Bug treatments.



Here are some tips to help avoid bringing home these unwanted pests!

  1. When traveling and staying overnight in hotel or other accommodations, thoroughly inspect the room before unpacking your luggage. Inspect inside drawers, between shirts and coats in closets, between mattresses and box springs, along baseboards, and furniture.
  2. Pull back bedding and look closely at mattress seams, mattress corners, and behind headboards. Look for dark spots or unusual staining. Do not bring your luggage into the room if you suspect a bed bug infestation.
  3. When arriving home, vacuum and inspect luggage before bringing it inside.

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